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Advanced PainCare is an industry leading pain management center elevating patient care through the most advanced and effective treatments.


We use the latest research, medical evidence and advanced procedures to provide treatment that helps relieve your chronic pain in the safest way possible.


Some 30 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. If you or a loved one would like to experience a life transformed, it may be time to consider the latest advancements in neurostimulation therapy.

Dr. Michael Fishell | Advanced PainCare


Cutting edge neurostimulation systems that mimic nature to provide significant, long lasting pain relief and improve your quality of life.




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We specialize in treating several chronic pain conditions



We use the latest research, medical evidence and advanced procedures.



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I have a very painful degenerative spinal condition affecting my lower back for which surgery and pain killers have not been helpful. About every 12 months though, I get a Radio Frequency Nerve Ablation from Dr. Fishell which does help immensely. The procedure is done in house in the surgery center upstairs from his office. They put me out so I feel no pain during the ablation and I’m usually in and out in a few hours. Dr. Fishell is competent, and so is his very friendly and accommodating staff which is almost never the case in the Vegas area. I have never had a billing problem either. I highly recommend Advanced Paincare.

Mark Silver
Mark S.
21:45 15 Feb 21

A good visit.. good results.. staff very professional and caring.

Chris Malensky
Chris M.
15:10 01 Sep 20

Amazing care! The Doctor is caring, patient and wonderful! The staff are helpful, very responsive and kind.

Robert Ingham
Robert I.
20:28 26 Aug 20

My wife and I, Susan & Ron Smith, have been going to Dr.Fishell’s office for years. Myself for 5 yrs, off and on, my wife …over 10yrs plus. Dr. Fishell has always been a true professional and always very courteous. His assistant Denise is fantastic, always takes the time to answers any questions we have & addresses any concerns that may come up. All staff are very courteous and we actually feel at home there. Dr. Fishell and staff in our opinion are the best Pain Management in Henderson and Las Vegas. Thank you for always being there for us!

Ronald Smith
Ronald S.
20:30 20 Aug 20

In 2015 I broke my back in a car accident and while at the trauma center I was also diagnosed with lung cancer in my right lung. When I was referred to Dr. Fishell for my back problem, during my first 1 hour interview he spent 2/3 of the time discussing my cancer. Unlike most doctors he was concerned for my over all health, not just his own area of service. I am happy to say I am now cancer free, but Dr. Fishell handles my continuing back problems and always asks about my other medical problems and assist me when he can. He is definitely one of the most caring doctors in the valley. He also has a great staff to assist him. I think so much of him & his staff, that in my 74 years of life so far, this is the 1st review I have ever written.

Ronald Kacir
Ronald K.
23:38 19 Aug 20

During Covid 19 I really appreciate not having to come out in public for a doctor appointment. I didn’t think I would like the video chat for appointments but I do plus the ease of them electronically sending prescriptions to the pharmacy. Thank you to his staff for their compassion when your not feeling your best.

Sandy Dewees
Sandy D.
01:46 07 Aug 20

Best pain management doctor I’ve been to in many years. Listens well. Explores options and is connected with top surgeons in the area. I’m not a fan of opioids – so we work well together. His office staff are excellent. Finally a doctor you can talk to and not feel like you’re being rushed out to get to the next patient.

ChuckandSheila Little
ChuckandSheila L.
20:10 01 Jul 20

Great staff and Doctor

Robert Seitz
Robert S.
17:30 17 Oct 19

Love Dr. Fishell and all of his friendly, caring and incredibly helpful staff! I highly recommend this practice.

21:10 16 Oct 19

Dr Fishell, Is a Gem, Just speaking with him helped my pain. Annette and her whole staff are wonderful, I thank Dr Steven Winkler , my other hero for recommending!

Linda November
Linda N.
22:33 06 Oct 19

This is an Amazing office ❤️ extremelycaring group or Ladies! No long waiting with appointment.

Cynthia 'Cindi' Soliz
Cynthia ‘Cindi’ S.
08:56 19 Sep 19

Excellent care at Advanced PainCareThe procedure was painless. Excellent and very caring through every step of the procedure.

Jack Waschitz
Jack W.
19:38 18 Sep 19

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