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I am an aircraft mechanic. So needless to say the job has put a lot of strain on my back over the years. I would just like to say that I have had back pain issues for the last 10 years and my neurostimulator has helped increase my productivity and decrease my back pain tremendously in the past year, I… Read Full Testimonial “Bruce”

Paul and Pam

The comments and accolades are way overdue, I along with my wife Pam would like to sincerely thank Dr. Michael Fishell and his staff, especially Denise, Vanessa, Heather, Annette, Winona and (former) employee Maria and not leaving anyone out like I stated before his entire staff.
I personally deal with many physical and medical issues along with being disabled… Read Full Testimonial “Paul and Pam”


Great job everyone! Thank you for ALL your collective support over the years! <3


I had to see Dr Fishell due to debilitating back pain. His staff was beyond helpful, efficient, and caring. They got me in quickly for a epidural procedure. The whole experience was quick and painless. I would highly recommend this practice, they’re amazing at what they do!


I have been a patient for quite a few years. Initially, I was in so much pain, all the time, that I needed to take lots of pain medications. In addition, I had to have many different treatments in surgery type settings, like shots, nerve treatments etc. Then, along came the “neurostimulator”. I was at a point where I had… Read Full Testimonial “Leslie”


I’ve been seeing Dr. Fishell for years and Denise has been taking such great care of me. I couldn’t ask  for a better medical assistant!


All staff just wonderful from beginning to end!


I have had my neurostimulator  for over 6 years and it is the best treatment I have ever done. I know it sounds scary to a lot of people, but when you can be active with little to no pain and enjoy life, it is no longer scary. Medication masks pain and causes other issues. Thanks Dr. Fishell, you’re the… Read Full Testimonial “Annette”


I have been with Advanced PainCare since I moved to Las Vegas almost six years ago and Dr. Fishell and the employees in Advanced PainCare are the best in the field.  When I was first approached by Dr. Fishell about the neurostimulator I was very hesitant for two reasons my age at the time was early 50’s and I felt… Read Full Testimonial “Terrie”

Jeff H.

I’ve been a patient for many years and I would recommend Dr. Fishell. My pain is always there, but I’ve learned to manage it with the help of Dr. Fishell. The whole staff is awesome.


I began seeing Dr. Fishell many years ago for my back. The constant pain made the easiest things in life difficult to handle. The treatment I receive at Advanced PainCare not only allows me to function day to day, but also sleep well at night. When it comes to physicians, Dr. Fishell is at the top of the list. If… Read Full Testimonial “Kristin”


The staff is great ! 🙂 I love them all. God Bless them.


My first time meeting Dr. Fishell. I can’t say this about many doctors, but Dr. Fishell took the time to explain  everything in detail and was not in a hurry about other patients. You truly made me feel I was the only person there. I would recommend this doctor to anybody who has a pain problem. I know I made… Read Full Testimonial “Jeffrey”

Steve & Michelle

I have been a patient of Dr. Fishell for more years than I would care to remember, however since the Dr. has moved his office to the current location, I (including my wife) have been provided a much more overall efficient experience; such as front waiting room times, prescription paperwork readily available, flexible appointment scheduling, extremely personable front desk and… Read Full Testimonial “Steve & Michelle”


Would like to say the people of Advanced Pain Care go out of their way to make sure the care I’ve received is excellent. They explain the procedures they’ve done and will do in the future. Thanks to Dr. Fishell and his staff my daily life has greatly improved. Thank You,


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