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I am a professional pilot. I was rear-ended by a commercial truck on the freeway while I was stopped. I have multiple areas in my lumbar and thoracic spine that are suffering. I was referred to Advanced Pain Care of Nevada. From the minute I walked into the office, the front desk personnel were welcoming. Moments after a staffer by the name of Annette, introduced herself and made me feel further at home. Dr. Fishell was a few minutes late BUT after my appointment, I knew why the tardiness and it was CERTAINLY WELL worth the wait! After introducing himself, Dr. Fishell asked a series of questions. I felt his genuine interest as he patiently listened and took notes to better understand my problems. Once the initial exam was done he thoroughly addressed every issue I had. His professional knowledge connected many of the dots and his simple explanations were clear and to the point. After more than 20 minutes went by, it was apparent that Dr. Fishell was not going to leave the room until I understood what my problems were, the clinical solutions that were available and that all of my questions were satisfactorily answered. Talk about “true” and “professional” health care! I will be 69 in a couple of weeks and have been to a myriad of doctors in my life. Dr. Michael Fishell stands out to be among one of the most patient, knowledgeable and professional doctors I have even had the good fortune of seeing!

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