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I began seeing Dr. Fishell many years ago for my back. The constant pain made the easiest things in life difficult to handle. The treatment I receive at Advanced PainCare not only allows me to function day to day, but also sleep well at night.

When it comes to physicians, Dr. Fishell is at the top of the list. If you need to speak with him, you will and he will spend whatever time is necessary to answer any  questions you may have regarding your issues. Something hard to find these days.

Here is a big bonus for you, the staff!! Kind, courteous, caring. Denise, one of the back office medical assistants could tell you about my grandchildren and how I am doing. She really listens and never rushes you out the door. It is so nice to have a relationship like that at your doctor’s office; everyone knows you and you’re not just another file.

Advanced PainCare is a place I would refer every person who has pain aggravating their life. You for sure will get relief and resolution for whatever ails you, not to mention a pleasant visit and walk out with a smile!!

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