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I have been with Advanced PainCare since I moved to Las Vegas almost six years ago and Dr. Fishell and the employees in Advanced PainCare are the best in the field.  When I was first approached by Dr. Fishell about the neurostimulator I was very hesitant for two reasons my age at the time was early 50’s and I felt I was too young and second I didn’t feel right having a device implanted in me for the rest of my life.  I had been living with extreme pain from my left ear down to my left hand since I had my second neck surgery five years ago so after I thought about it and talked to my husband about it I decided to go ahead and have it done.  This was the best decision  I could have made now I no longer have the pain from my left ear all the way down to my left hand. To me the neurostimulator is the best thing that was ever invented and before I had this implanted I was limited to things I could do physically due to pain and now I have a 50% improvement with the neurostimulator and I am able to do physical things without much pain.  Dr. Fishell is very educated in the neurostimulator and has a great team working with him when he implants the device.  To me personally I would not go to anybody else but Advanced PainCare for my pain.

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