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Paul and Pam

The comments and accolades are way overdue, I along with my wife Pam would like to sincerely thank Dr. Michael Fishell and his staff, especially Denise, Vanessa, Heather, Annette, Winona and (former) employee Maria and not leaving anyone out like I stated before his entire staff.
I personally deal with many physical and medical issues along with being disabled and not leaving out other medical issues that effects my mind, body as well as my emotions, however everytime I have an appointment with Dr. Fishell the moment I walk in the door all of that seems to go away for a temporary period of time due to the atmosphere, care, concern and professionalism that I receive from the entire staff. Unfortunately I have seen many many doctors since my life has taken these medical turn and I’m still seeing at least 8 to 9 doctors as of right now and I have to honestly admit that Dr.Fishell and the staff are one of the best if not the best,.!!!
Again this is way overdue, should have been done awhile ago, but as they say “life is too short” so I wanted to make sure that I took the time out to give Dr. Fishell and the staff their flowers from my heart to theirs. There’s no doubt that I know they will continue the work ethic that they have shown, professionalism that they have provided and the kindness that they have displayed. I know him and the staff will continue to be a blessing to others as they are to me. One patient at a time.
Again thank you very much sincerely from the bottom of my heart Dr. Michael Fishell and the complete staff, especially the names I have mentioned above for making me, my wife and my medical situations worth trying to move forward in a positive way. I gladly look forward to my appointments with you guys, so until the next take care and thank you very much!!!

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